Linggo, Abril 3, 2011

Welcome to the official MgCI weblog, Mabuhay!

This is the official blog site of Marc Guerrero Communications Inc which shall otherwise be known as MgCI.

WriteWords: Make Things Right
MgCI is an Office of Strategic Media of, for and by Marc Guerrero the journalist where press trustees and media practitioners are interactive, convergent, interlinked and interconnected for likeminded, likehearted and likespirited purposes.

We advocate the wisdom, truth and ideaology of "Journalism with Compassion" in our daily grind.

We uphold the ethics, virtues and values of the noble democratic principles of "right to information," "freedom of expression," "freedom of the press," "respect to privacy and intellectual property rights," and related civil liberties of and in the Free World as inspired by the United Nations System to which The Philippines is a first charter member.

Our journalism is not only free but, more importantly, it is responsible and responsive to the call of the times.

Its creative and compassionate brand of journalism is distinct in such a way that we always strive to be fair, balanced and just in our practice.

We hope, dream and aspire to be always in synergy with the great principles of "truth in advertising," "advocacy in  public relations," "free and fair marketing" and "transformativeness in technologies - from ancient, indigenous and popular to appropriate, high-tech and next media."

Marc Guerrero has been doing business as (DBA) Marc Guerrero Communications since 1986.

Prior to the 1980s, "Marc Guerrero communications" simply meant "Marc Guerrero communiques" or the Letters of Marc Guerrero, if not, From the Desk of Marc Guerrero.

Marc Guerrero Communications Inc was incorporated with the Philippine SEC in Manila on the 2nd of July 2009.        

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